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Teacher Pencil Snow Globe Tumbler

Teacher Pencil Snow Globe Tumbler

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24oz acrylic snow globe tumbler perfect for your favorite teacher!  

- 24 Ounce Tapered
- Acrylic
- Intended for Cold or Warm Beverages only – avoid heat, hand wash only and should be treated as any glass would!
- This is coated with Epoxy to better secure the image, base and give it an even longer life.
- Has a double wall inside to be filled with a solution (distilled water and glycerin) along with glitter/dyes to create a fun snow globe effect!
- *Inside solution *will* have an air bubble about a quarter size which is necessary to provide breathing room in case the climate you are in is warm – it needs space to naturally expand.
- Item will need to be shaken to activate and glitter does settle to the bottom over time.
- This item is not for hot temperature beverages.

- Clear Straw
- Care Card

- This item has been sealed with a layer of epoxy just to extend the life of the decals added and add more durability to your drink ware
- Item is handmade and you can check out my social medias to see how they all come to life! With handmade come the reality that there may be slight.. *very very* slight imperfections. Slight imperfections may be that random piece of glitter or spec that is inevitable due to the handmade nature of this item and environment.

- Handmade = Hand Wash Only!
- Not Dishwasher/Microwave Safe – this includes the Lid and Straw
- Do not Soak or Scrub
- Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold (More so leaving in a car for long periods – etc)
- Avoid Dropping

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